Babe. Im not being funny but you look like microwaved shit.

kaat and lilyy
"Katie, above all, knows just how powerful clothes can be and produces her winning take on Eighties power dressing, protected by a bulletproof vest of pearls."

"And Effy, bored of all the clones out there tightens up her look even further this year. She strips it down to essentials and needs only her skeleton charms to keep her safe."

"Emily keeps it sweet and marks the difference between her and Katie still further, her soft and sexy underwear as outerwear toughened up with brogues"

"Naomi channels her inner punk and injects her noughties grunge with glamour and cheek."

1. I ACTUALLY LOVE KATIE! <3 even if they dress her in granny pearls
2. Emily and Naomi are ghaying it up ;)
3. Naomi is taking fashion advice from Effy
4. Oooo Kat gets to wear her ear piercings ;)
5. Kaya never fails to amuse us :D

Sex Leggings/Tights!!!!
kaat and lilyy

Lily and Kat picture on Diva Mag..

Clickkk for BIGGGERRR :) >>>

UH HUMMM tights **cough cough!!!**

and moped ..haha

cute or what?!

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kaat and lilyy
Kaya and Lily from TV choice Awards last night ;)

From Kaya's twitter :)

Kat on Twitter?
kaat and lilyy
Signed up 3 hours ago..

Prescottandless ... omg that so cute if it is her after Lily who is Lovelessandmore

Loads of fakes but ive never seen the pictures before and shes calling herself Kat where as fakes said Kathryn.. i dont know just kind of looks more believable.. but just have to wait and see.

kaat and lilyy
Second Part of Lily and Kat's Interview

OMG they are soo cute ;)

Kat being like Naomi haha :P xx

Bathroom Scene !! telling about JJ?
and Kat not eating Dairy :S??

oh and Kat saying to Lily: Sometimes your not as rude and horrible as she is.

OMM and they are sharinggg!!  wooo ;) squeee

Kaya Twitter
kaat and lilyy

Oh my Meg.. just thought id share this little Merv and Kaya interaction ...

ok so its like half one in the morning and they are on twitter after filming :P and talking about food lol.

is Kaya sharing a flat/appartment in Bristol with Meg?? aww thats soo dead cute!

and Meg being a healthy eater hahaa awww!!!! bless her shes such a diva! :)

(   Click it to enlarge (;   )

Twins from Skins at Ice Age 3 Premier
Just posting pics from yesterday's Ice Age 3 premier yesterday night. Just the twins this time i think for these pics i found.

Sorry never posted before so if i've done something wrong or have any tips would be much appriciated :)



Please comment or any tips for posting and stuff would be great :)

Oh and found the pics at:


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